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How to Prepare a New Hardwood Deck


Watch our series of How-to videos on preparing your hardwood deck.

Prior to coating a new hardwood deck ensure tenant has been removed from the timber. To do this quickly, you'll need firstly Sikkens Cetol BL10 and an oil remover, followed by a Sikkens Cetol Bdeck and wood cleaner.

Step one. Using a hard bristle brush, remove any loose dirt and contaminants from the surface. Ensure surrounding areas are protected from tenant splashes and unwanted stains.

Step two. Pour the Sikkens Cet0l BL tenant and all remover into a watering can or use a bucket and mop and apply a coating across your deck. Remembering to take care as the surface will be extremely slippery when wet.

Step three. Work the remover into the timber using a stiff bristle brush and allow to work for 15 to 30 minutes, but don't let it dry out. It's normal for the deck to turn dark in colour.

Step four. Wash the residue from the deck either with a pressure washer on the fan setting or a garden hose on the highest pressure in combination with a stiff bristle brush. After following these steps, you've extracted the tenant and oil from the timber. You now need to clean the tenant from the decking surface using Sikkens Cetol deck and wood cleaner.

Step five. Whilst the timber is wet, apply the deck cleaner using a bucket and mop evenly across the whole deck.

Step six. work this into the timber using a stiff bristle brush and allow it to rest for 15 to 30 minutes, but don't let it dry out. The deck should lighten in colour.

Step seven. Wash the residue from the deck with a high pressure washer, or a stiff bristle brush and garden hose on high pressure and allow to completely dry.

After following these steps the tenant is extracted and the deck is clean and ready for your desired second seat all cosy.


For further instructions, please refer to the back of the product or call Sikkens for technical advice.

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