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Which floor supplies to choose



Homes, gyms, dance studios, shops and restaurants among others realise the quality and beauty of bringing nature indoors with the installation of beautiful wooden floors and decking.  Having wooden floors and decks won’t only enhance the appearance of a home or business, it ups the value of the place as well. Reputable wooden floor supplies mean that the wood for timber flooring and decking is always of the highest quality and the wood is packed into manageable sections, conforming to the customer’s specification.

These suppliers will always advise you on the type of timber you need for your needs, and they will also assist you in ideas for installing your own floor. Customers can then pick up products at the supplier themselves or request that an order be delivered to them.


You want floor supplies from specialists whose name is established in the floor supplies and decking industry and who also has access to a wide variety of wood species. Abbey Timber offers well known domestic as well as exotic timber species like Silvertop Ash, Cypress, Ironbark, Yellow Stringybark, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, River Reds, Tallowwood, American Oak, European Oak, Walnut and others. They can also advise on the Janka ratings because they know that wood products are exquisite, but that when you select a certain type of wood for floor supplies, you need to know about its durability. The Janka Rating System measures the relative hardness of woods and its appropriateness for the flooring you want.

Abbey Timber is a family run business based in Sydney, and a division of Castlewood Products. They have been trading since 1976 retailing timber and they also offer design and technical advice and assistance to home renovators and tradesman.

Their Sydney warehouse has more than 400 packs of flooring in stock – timber is categorised according to colour, grade, utility and finishes

    • check out the website for their latest products and their monthly specials
    • they help with deliveries throughout Australia
    • they provide all the decking- and floor supplies you need for any job
    • if you want to, Abbey Timber will recommend a sub-contractor who can help you construct your timber decking or wooden floors
    • they meet all delivery deadlines
    • they offer different finishes for all applications
    • they design any style of solid strip floor, borders and inlays to customize a room
    • customers can choose from different standard- and other board sizes
    • choose the colour group for your timber floor, browns, reds and creams
    • choose from different grades- Select grade, Standard grade, Feature grade and Auction grade. Select grade has the least amount of natural feature; small amount of colour variations, gum vein and pin hole whereas with Auction grade you get large gum veins and knot holes.
    • timber products – Design Pine offers a range of structural and decorative timber products coated with a genuine primer and which prevents decay of the wood as well as insect attacks.

Exceptional Quality and Services

The timber floor supplies that you are looking for need to be corrosion resistant, have excellent insulation properties and also be easy to maintain. You also want reputable suppliers who offer outstanding customer services and workmanship, and  Abbey Timber is the answer for the timber requirements of professionals and DIY people who are looking for superb quality and true value for money.

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