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The Difference between Deck Oil and Deck Stains


Watch our series of How-to videos on the difference between deck oil and deck stains.

What's the difference between decking oils and decking stains? Decking oils are usually cheaper to buy and look, you know what they do look great when you first apply them, but they also do deteriorate fairly quickly. They can they dry out and they crack and they leave your timber exposed. The reason for this is the decking oils don't contain any pigment and it's that pigment that you'll find in decking stains that actually protects the timber from fading cracking from UV exposure, almost like sunscreen for your skin. So although the decking stain might be a bit more expensive, you know what you will be applying it a lot less often. You won't be buying it is often and it's going to protect your timber a hell of a lot better than Decking Oil. So money is best spent on decking stain texture investment, keep your decking looking great

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