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Pool Deck Constructed with Turpentine Hardwood


Abbey Timber products are used to create all types of decking including this one constructed from Turpentine Hardwood.  See below from our customer who used Turpentine hardwood decking and 3 coats of Sikkens HLS.  

Hi Andrew,

Please find attached some photos of out complete pool deck constructed from the 64 x 19mm Turpentine hardwood decking. All that’s left to do is reinstall the pool fence.

The deck has come up beautifully after the 3 coats of the Sikkens HLS.

The project did take a bit longer than expected. Aside from been total amateurs at this, the old deck frame needed some repairs done before laying the new turpentine deck (not surprising after 30 odd years). The other issue that slowed us down was that the deck had to fit between the pool and the house, and the pool was not square with the house meaning every board had to be measured, cut, and fitted.

The Sikkens decking brush was great to work with (especially as I strained my back playing AFL the day before the timber arrived).

The Macsim Smart Tool was great, however, it would be good if it came with a spare O-ring.

Pablo Anwandter

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