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Jarrah Flooring Blended with Merbau Decking


Jarrah flooring and merbau decking make a seamless transition from the inside out like this wonderful example that was shared with us. 

Jarrah flooring is a very Australian choice with heartwood that varies from rich reds to deep browns. Generally straight grained, Jarrah flooring tends to have a course grain which suits many traditional decors. 

Outside, Merbau decking is a very popular decking material. The colour of Merbau is described as a yellow-orange brown hue that will deepen to a deepened reddish brown colour with age. 


Hi Andrew,

Attached is photos from the Bowral jobs. It has the merbau for the decking & letterbox screening. We used Jarrah on the floor.

Kind regards
Brenda Favelle
Dartanyon Pty Ltd

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