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Modern Deck

Modern Deck™ “Classic Board” is our original board design with a simple and classic looking wood grain texture for a contemporary appearance. The lightly embossed 3D wood grain is designed around the look of a modern real timber finish. Available in 8 popular colours with 2 colours on each board (one on either side) that complement each other. This gives you a final choice of colour prior to installation and an opportunity to add a darker or lighter contrast boarder around your deck. Board size is 140x22x5400. Also available in 140x22x3600.

Eurpoean Oak

Resistance Oak Engineered Flooring is made from Genuine European Oak and manufactured using the latest technology of first-class equipment from Germany like Homag production lines. This incorporated with the selection of high-quality materials, a strict quality control management process, guarantee that Resistance Oak is made to the highest standards possible.

Resistance Hybrid

New Resistance Hybrid Waterproof SPC Flooring combines the waterproof properties of vinyl, the durability of laminate and the look of timber, to deliver a complete, all-purpose flooring solution. An economical, hybrid flooring bringing the benefits and beauty of hybrid flooring to every type of interior space.

Resistance Hardfloor

Resistance Hardfloor™ Parquet is an engineered board in a herringbone profile with left- and right-hand boards to suit all design patterns. It has a tongue and grooved profile with the same specifications as the Resistance Hardfloor™ Eco for the veneer and coating process. Installation process is to direct stick or secret nail down with full trowel glue and should not be floated.

Resistance 3D Panelling

Resistance 3D Panelling™ is a quick and easy way to turn any internal area, whether a home or a commercial space, into a modern masterpiece. With its modern 3D design, look, feel and construction, our panelling board brings any dull area to life while making a big statement. It is lightweight but tuff making it very easy to install and very durable, turning the installation process into a breeze. (Please refer to Installation Guide for details)

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