Timber Floors

Abbey Timber is a leading company for supplying certified softwood and hardwood in Australia. It is well established and has been developing and producing high quality wood products for a long time. Such products include Sydney timber floors, Sydney floorboards and timber flooring. These products have a wide range of applications including commercial, renovation and structural markets across international markets.

Timber flooring has come up as one of the most comfortable home improvement. It offers warmth, beauty and value to your home. Timber floors in any hallway or room give a stunning effect that is durable and timeless. The elegance of a beautiful wooden staircase in your home or office sweeping from the ground floor upwards gives the property a unique style. Wooden flooring solutions have become simple to lay and require easy maintenance. In addition, they are dust-free and absorb the abuse of the say foot traffic. All Abbey Timber products are sourced from sustainably managed and legal forestry.

Wide Range of Species

We have a wide range of timber species including brush box classic, cypress pine, messmate, karri, grey ironbark and flooded gum among others. One of the factors that a customer should consider when choosing timber floors is the hardness of the wood. Using the Janka Hardness scale, we are able to give the customer the kind of hardness he/she requires.

Abbey Timber aims to provide the best quality products and professional service to our customers at an affordable price. We provide timber floors and installation for new constructions, renovations and insurance claims for both residential and commercial areas. We also specialize in sanding, polishing, weather refurbishing, repairs and other timber requirements. Abbey Timber Sydney also supplies staircases, wooden doors and a wide range of other elegant timber products for your office and home environment.

At Abbey Timber, we recognize the diversity of people’s tastes and preferences. In this regard, we cater for different flooring needs and requirements of every individual in a personalized manner to give you the best timber flooring solutions. We have an exceptionally talented staff of professionals who provide customized solutions for both residential and commercial needs. There are almost as many timber flooring types available as there are personalities. Therefore, we offer our customers a wide variety of choices such as natural timbers, floating doors or bamboo among others. However, we have the necessary expertize to help choose the best for you considering a number of factors.

Abbey Timber – Only The Best

We understand how important personal service, first-class trade and property are to our customers. Therefore, we ensure that our customers are served with advanced flooring technologies and modern methods. We always keep ourselves updated in the timber industry with the best timber suppliers to take care of your floor exceptionally. We cater for everything along the process from product selection, preparation, and installation all the way to maintenance and protection.

At Abbey Timber, we take our job very seriously and the customer is the number one priority for us. Therefore, we ensure that all our specialists are fully certified and qualified in the trade of timber coverings and finishing. We have a deep stock of experience to ensure quality, excellence and best service. Therefore, you can definitely rely on Abbey Timber to deliver the best quality timber flooring, second to none.

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